I have extensive experience within the equine industry, growing up on a busy BHS Riding School owned by my Mother, who was a fantastic horsewoman with remarkable empathy for both horses and humans alike, and then spending the majority of my adult life teaching and schooling, using Classical methods.


Originally I undertook training in Equine Massage with Equinology who are a very highly regarded Training School, to enhance my riding and horse training, in order to fully understand the biomechanics of horses and how to help them improve physically. Over time, and whilst developing my skills and learning new techniques (including Myofascial Release, Equine Touch and Reiki), I discovered my passion for body work. I now concentrate the majority of my work in this area, although I do still continue to teach my long term clients.

I approach all my clients, whether human or horse, with care and compassion and will always be patient and never force anything. My passion is to help the body heal itself by facilitating the changes using Massage and Myofascial Release which is a very gentle but highly effective treatment (see here for more detailed information).


All Equine Treatments are £60 for approximately one hour's session. Travel costs are 30p per mile each way from Buckland St Mary, Chard. 

Discounts are available for multiple horses, so please contact me for more information.

Please contact Louise to book - please note that bookings for horse appointments cannot be made through the online booking system for logistical reasons!