Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

For a full body massage or MFR Treatment you will usually be asked to remove all your clothes except your underwear, but you will be covered at all times, except for areas that are being worked on, but if you are uncomfortable with this we can of course work around this. It is recommended that you have warm clothes and a scarf in colder weather so that you can keep warm after your treatment which will help keep your muscles warm and relaxed.

What if I don't want the therapist to work on a certain area of my body?


I will go through a thorough Initial Consultation with you before I begin any treatment and this will give you the opportunity to let me know any concerns you may have about the treatment and I will always ask you if there are any areas of your body that you would rather I didn't work on. 

Is it ok to talk during a treatment?

You should always feel comfortable to express any discomfort throughout your treatment - after all, you are the only one who knows how something really feels - but you are encouraged to avoid chatting as it is likely to stop you completely relaxing into your treatment. During a treatment, I may ask you certain questions and check in with you occasionally, depending on what is needed, but quite often during a relaxation massage I often find that the client is asleep anyway! Don't fight it if you feel you are falling asleep during your massage - I will take it as a compliment that you and your body are enjoying the treatment and truly relaxing! However, during a Myofascial Treatment my aim is to help you tune into your body rather than switch off completely so I encourage you to stay awake if possible - this doesn't mean that you won't relax of course as this is also an important part of the treatment. 

Why does my tummy insist on making all sorts of noises during treatment?

This is another sign that the treatment is doing it's job, so don't worry at all - I will have heard it all before! It means that your Parasympathetic Nervous System (the rest and digest stage after a stress response) has been activated which is exactly what we want to happen.

Can I stop the treatment if I am feeling uncomfortable?

Absolutely! The treatment you are receiving is entirely for your benefit and so it is extremely important that you feel in control. I am always very understanding and will listen to any concerns you have and work with you to help you feel comfortable.

Are treatments confidential?

Every part of the treatment and consultation will be completely confidential. I do make notes for my records, but these are kept locked away in a secure place so there is no way that they can be seen by anyone else. It is absolutely paramount that you feel safe in the treatment room, particularly as sometimes it can be the only time when you can really unwind. There are times when you may have emotional releases (for example laughing or crying) - these are just the way in which your body releases some things and I am not going to be quizzing you to find out the reasons behind these releases, as actually that isn't important - what is important is that whatever it was is now being released. I am here to help your body heal and will always be completely non-judgemental, as it is important you feel happy to discuss anything with me.   

Are there any times when a treatment would not be good for me?

Massage is generally considered a very safe treatment, but sometimes it can be potentially detrimental to your health, so if you know you have any of the following medical issues then please mention these when booking so that we can be sure treatment will be safe for you, sometimes all we need to do is check with your GP/Specialist. Massage is sometimes very helpful for some of these conditions, but it is important to seek advice from your Medical Professional first:

  • Heart Conditions 

  • Fever, or anything contagious like a cold or flu (this is more to protect others and not spread infection or viruses)

  • Contagious skin diseases (again to protect others)

  • Recent Blood Clots or Stroke (in the last year)

  • Cancer 

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Oedema

  • Epilepsy

  • Diabetes

  • High or Low Blood Pressure

I will always check your medical history in consultation before treatment anyway, but if there is anything else you are concerned could be an issue then please do feel free to ask and I will be happy to discuss it with you.